3 Tips to Store your Chocolate in the Heat of Summer

Summer is here at last! Time to eat al fresco and barbecue too…time to enjoy life with good friends, chill and relax.

So while we enjoy these balmy weeks of summer, I wanted to share with you some tips on how to best store your chocolate treats in the heat, so you can enjoy your chocolate at its best.

3 Tips to Store your Chocolate in the Heat of Summer

  1. Chocolate keeps best between 65 and 70°F, away from direct sunlight, and protected from moisture.
  2. When refrigerating or freezing chocolate, make sure it is sealed in an airtight container—refrigerators are very humid. Always thaw frozen chocolate in the refrigerator; if it goes straight from the freezer to room temperature, condensation will form and alter the appearance and texture.
  3. Always allow chilled chocolate to come to room temperature before enjoying it; cold chocolate doesn’t melt or disperse flavour as nicely.

Or if you are like me, chocolate doesn’t last very long in our household and tends to get eaten the day it’s made!!

Have a wonderful summer and don’t let those chocolates melt, unless they are in your mouth!!

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By: Daniella Warner
Daniella Warner of OMmazing Chocolates, makes bespoke artisan chocolates, truffles & raw healthy energy balls in her farmhouse kitchen in Gloucestershire and teaches Meditation & Laughter Yoga to balance her healthy lifestyle!

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