5 Tips for Tenants to Save Money

Money Saving Tips

With the current property market showing rent prices for tenants continuing to rise throughout the UK, tenants are looking for answers on how to save money and improve their lifestyle. Here is a list of 5 simple ways tenants can save pounds per month and find financial comfortability.

1. Save on energy bills

Saving on energy bills takes only a simple adjustment to habits around the home, which rewards by reducing your household carbon footprint and saves you money every month. Being aware of switching off lights in empty rooms, turning your T.V completely off instead of in standby mode and washing clothes on an eco-cycle are some of the many ways to save on wasted energy. Follow this link for more easy solutions to save money every month – BBC Waste not Want not

2. Save money on all sorts with money saving sites

Voucher and cash-back sites are all the rage right now, with fantastic deals on many different choices such as restaurants, cinemas, spa-days, adventure days, holidays and many more. Great for people of all ages with an abundance of different choices on destinations and experiences, check out this site which lists the best cash-back and voucher sites to choose from –10 Best many saving tips websites

3. Save money on food shopping

About 50% of all Britain’s food wastage comes from our homes, that’s 7.5 million tonnes of household food wasted each year! This is an astonishing figure, and is an agreeably outrageous amount of waste. Being mindful about ways to combat food waste will benefit your wellbeing by saving you hundreds per year, and by knowing that you are helping the environment by cutting down on horrendous waste. Click on this link for tips on how to do this – 5 Ways to save money on your food bills

4. Save on furniture and household items

Choosing ideal furniture and household items for your home needn’t be an expensive conquest. Tenants looking for unfurnished properties would benefit from finding ways to furnish their home for the fraction of high-street prices, by researching and visiting local charity shops which specialise in selling 2nd hand furniture and appliances. Visit the ‘British Red Cross’ website for information on location of shops and what they have to offer – Furniture and electrical charity shops

For other ways to save money on decorating your home and up-cycling your old stuff, get creative and follow tips from this website – Free home decorating tips

5. Spend more time in the garden

Studies show that getting your hands dirty in the garden actually contributes to happiness and helps cure depression –  Find out why gardening can make you happy here. Gardening can be inexpensive and still fully enjoyable and beneficial to the look of your home and to your personal wellbeing. Tenants who have a garden, and are looking for ways to save money and de-stress, should read this article published by ‘The Guardian’ for tips and tricks – Gardening tips to save money

By following the 5 simple tips above, you will be on the right path to beating stress, improving your wellbeing and saving money. For tenants who are worried about rising costs of rent, remember that following good advice and being mindful about your situation is the answer to improving your situation in no time.

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