Business Meeting Gone Wrong. We’ve All Been There.

Carrying my over-filled, way too much cream topped hot chocolate gingerly through the coffee shop, it occurs to me that I really have no idea what this guy looks like that I am supposed to be meeting.  I am a little early so hoping that he will recognise me instead and I can avoid the embarrassment of asking complete strangers if their name is Nick or Neil (it would help if I could remember which).

After twenty minutes I think, well maybe I should just text to let him know I am here.

It turns out the guy is actually sat behind me, and wasn’t 100% sure what I looked like or how to pronounce my name, great start!

So after the initial awkwardness I sit down clutching my hot chocolate, ready for the onslaught of questions about me and my business, how his company can help me to advertise to more people, where I see myself in 5 years, 10 years time…

I absolutely hate these meetings but at least one to one is much easier than trying to sell myself at a networking event. This is the part of my job that I really don’t like, the ‘sale.’  Part of my psyche sits outside of myself watching this hideous interaction and whispering in my ear, “do you actually have any idea what you are talking about?”

Then comes the dreaded question from Nick/Neil (I still don’t know, I feel too embarrassed to admit I’ve forgotten, how terribly British of me?)  “So what is it that you actually do?”

Uuuummmmmmmm, ok let me try to explain…

The only title I have come up with to combat this question is, I am an holistic sports therapist.  I tell him this and get a very quizzical look, what the hell does that mean?!

The term holistic comes from the Greek ‘holos’ meaning whole or entire.  The idea being that the practitioner treats the whole person, mind, body and spirit (or energy, whichever you prefer).  But the term is used so very lightly these days and (as my boyfriend pointed out to me very recently) most holistic therapists treat the body with Swedish massage and that is all.  A few will incorporate energy healing into this but still miss the psychological, or have it in mind but don’t know how to deal with it.  So as pure as I like to think my holistic practice is, by incorporating all three points at once; it still doesn’t define exactly what I do and the term has been used to death and doesn’t really explain anything anymore.

I went through a phase of calling myself a ‘complementary therapist,’ my thoughts being that I am a health practitioner but I do not want to replace your G.P. I want to work alongside them.  Unfortunately it became apparent that most people thought my job was to compliment people, “so you just tell women that they look nice all day?” Well I do want people to feel better about themselves, so I guess there is an element of that in what I do but no, I think you’re kind of missing the point.

I called myself a massage therapist for about 5 minutes, but the number of innuendos, questions about happy endings and dodgy phone calls put that to an immediate stop!

So there I am sitting in this coffee shop, with my legs crossed (being a complete hypocrite), a now cold chocolate in my hands and probably cream on my top lip, getting very red faced because I am blabbing on and on and on about other people’s businesses and practices and how that is NOT what I do because I just cannot put into words what my business offers.  How can you explain a feeling anyway?!

Every treatment that I do is different.  Every client needs a different massage style and every person will connect with me (or not) in a different way.

So let’s try putting it a different way.  Say you have a bad shoulder, so your reason for coming to see me is because you have pain in your shoulder and you want it to go away.  That is what I do, I make pain go away!

But what is that pain?  You might be a six foot square rugby player that has torn a muscle in your shoulder and therefore need to have your body treated.

You might have suffered from a deeply emotional crisis in your past that even you haven’t consciously thought about, because you dealt with that years ago, right? But subconsciously you haven’t dealt with it and the emotional pain is manifesting itself as shoulder pain, so you need me to deal with the pain in your body and the emotional pain that you don’t even know is there!

You could have an imbalance in your chakras, your meridians, your energy channels (whatever name you wish to give them) that you need me to balance out.

Physical pain, is rarely ever just physical pain.

The problem is, people can’t see any of these things.  Sometimes you yourself don’t know what the pain is, it’s just there and you don’t want it to be.

My job is to find the pain, and help you to fix it and I do all of this through the power of touch.  Whether it is a sports massage, a reflexology session, a facial massage, a Reiki session; I am working to connect with you, to show you that there is a safe space for you to take the time out to breathe, to think, or not to think, to relax and to just BE.  So long as you feel better, then my job is done.  You could be the biggest sceptic when it comes to energy healing or psychology but the sports massage side of my job works for you.  You might not be into any sports at all, you don’t even like watching it and have no idea what the off-side rule is or what sport it even belongs to, but the energy connection works for you and the body work is an added bonus…

Nick/Neil has stopped writing.  In fact he stopped a while ago and I have been blabbering on for a long time.  He’s just looking at me but he’s not really looking at me, he looks far away.  His breathing rate has changed, it seems easier and deeper than when I first sat down.  There is a bit of a silence and that little voice in my ear says “congratulations, you’ve completely weirded this one out too.”

He then takes a deep breath and thanks me (I’m not quite sure for what).

He admits that he has no idea how he can help advertise my business (its fine, I get this a lot) but he can feel this connection that I have been trying to explain, this inexplicable feeling of everything being ok and safe and he really wants to be able to help me to reach more people.

We shake hands and he leaves, as he’s now very late for his next meeting.

He sent his mother to see me for treatments shortly after.

She can’t describe what I do either.

By: Kayleigh Purser
I set up Kayleigh Purser Therapies in Cheltenham to bring the healing powers of holistic and touch therapy to those who need it. My job is to take away your pain and discomfort. If you need to know more feel free to contact me for a no obligation, free consultation to see if I can help. Email –

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