Expressing Yourself

What do you do to express yourself, do you express yourself through the clothes and shoes that you wear, or the make up you put on, the music you play, the jewellery you put on. Do you express yourself through your hobbies like dancing  or even singing? I choose to express myself through creativity as I enjoy it and its fun to do which is why I choose to express myself through the brilliant world of colouring in

Adult colouring has become the latest craze it started a few years ago when a colouring book called Secret Garden was released and was flying of the bookshelves over the years it has become more and more popular. Colouring is no longer just for the children anymore because Adults are now getting In on the act as well by grabbing some colouring books and pens to begin colouring beautiful and intricate designs and they are enjoying what they are doing.  There have been many adult colouring books and magazines which have been landing on book shelves nearly every week and the top ten best sellers on Amazon are colouring books aimed at new23869adults and they are lots of art therapy groups that are being set up on Facebook.   I have found that It is great way for me to feel relaxed and I always feel a lot calmer whenever I am colouring and it is great for when you are feeling a little stressed or a bit anxious or just want to unwind after a busy day. It is also very therapeutic and most importantly Its fun and one of the reason why I enjoy colouring is that there are no rules which I love so you can colour how you want so if you want to colour an elephant green or the sky purple you can it is all up to you.

So however you express yourself have fun!

By: Libby Horsman
Hello I am Libby I am a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant from Penn in Buckinghamshire, I am also a writer and I enjoy writing blogs and stories. I am a published author with my first book The Angel Who Grew Her Wings. I will be writing about things such as make up,stories. happiness and positivity and things that make you feel good.

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