Healthy Dark Chocolate

Some of you may be surprised to read the statement ‘Healthy Dark Chocolate’ and would never have thought that eating chocolate is good for you.

Others may have already discovered the health benefits of dark chocolate in recent years and be reading this in conjunction with buying some of ours.

Some facts about chocolate

  • Cocoa is the beneficial ingredient within chocolate and so the higher the cocoa content, indicated by a percentage, the more beneficial to your health it is going to be and the less sugar, as way of percentage of course, is therefore included. Cocoa contains flavonoids and powerful antioxidants.
  • High cocoa dark chocolate has been scientifically found to benefit the cardiovascular system and lower blood pressure.
  • Milk chocolate has very little cocoa and is mostly made up of sugar and milk so only dark chocolate would contain any real health benefit. As dark chocolate can range from 50% to 100%, the definition of healthy dark chocolate still requires a little more refinement and so the top end of dark chocolate really around 70% of cocoa content and above would be the cocoa percentage to aim for.

So what is Raw Chocolate?

It is chocolate made from unroasted ingredients. Cacao (pronounced cac-cow) originates from the seed of the cacao pod that is fermented like conventional cocoa but has not been roasted or heat treated above 45 degrees C. When cacao remains in its natural state, it keeps its nutrients, antioxidants and phytochemicals (also known as ‘the bliss chemical’, a blissful feeling of wellbeing and great health benefits for everyone to enjoy.

So the next time someone says, ‘chocolate is bad for you’ or ‘I can’t eat it because I’m on a diet’ ..try a small piece of raw chocolate or dark healthy chocolate every day instead, and see how good it makes you feel… all in moderation of course!!

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By: Daniella Warner
Daniella Warner of OMmazing Chocolates, makes bespoke artisan chocolates, truffles & raw healthy energy balls in her farmhouse kitchen in Gloucestershire and teaches Meditation & Laughter Yoga to balance her healthy lifestyle!

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