Hello September

Hello September I welcome you with open arms!!

Apologies to the kids who are begrudgingly returning to school after the summer holidays, but this is my favourite month. It doesn’t quite feel like Autumn but as the suns angle changes, bringing shorter days it isn’t Summer either. I love the chilly mornings, the late summer sun that feels like it’s still on loan from July and the cool clear nights sometimes followed by the first frosts.

I look forward to swapping my flip flops for my sheepskin boots and I dig out jackets and scarves that haven’t been seen since the Spring.

The BBQ gets relegated to the back of the shed, next to the paddling pool and my slow cooker comes out of hibernation with a promise of one-pot cooking and comfort food suppers.

That’s the bonus, you can shrug off those alfresco leafy salads in favour of a bowl of something warmer and heartier accompanied with a hunk of crusty bread and real butter.

Gardens and fields play host to bountiful crops. Nestled between dewy cobwebs Blackberries engorge the hedgerows waiting to tumble into family sizes pies, along with windfall apples that are topped with golden crumble ready to adorn the table after Michaelmas lunch on the 29th. Ah feasting!

The nights draw in, the leaves start to yellow before they engulf in the bright hues that Autumn brings.

I rekindle my affection for the television again, catching up with soaps that I’ve neglected while the summer evenings were just too tempting to sit outside and share a beer with my husband rather than cosy up on the sofa. There’s always a good drama or two during September, which I get well and truly hooked by, in my usual position, on the sofa curled up under a Granny blanket, making lists in preparation for another favourite time of year, Christmas. Yes I said it!! But it won’t be long now…

By: Grace Sabin
I am a fun loving Cotswold mummy to two children under 2 and wife to a perma-hungry husband. So you'll usually find me in the kitchen! But when I'm not cooking up some loving from the oven, I'm out and about on the search for child friendly things to do in the Cotswolds. I love to bake, make, chat, eat and feather my nest. I'll be blogging about all sorts..

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  1. Libby 11:18 am1st September 2015

    I love this time of year too and that is just perfectly worded! I look forward to hearing recommendations and lots more from you Mrs Sabin!

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