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* Frustrated because you haven’t got as many customers as you want and need?
* Struggling because you’re not making as much money as you should be?
* Battling with the work-life balance and don’t know how to fix it?
* Hit a brick wall and desperately need an injection of new ideas and inspiration?

Well Creating Results can help!

At Creating Results, we take the time to really understand you and your business and are totally committed to your success.

Whether your business is an Emerging, Expanding or Established business, when you work with Creating Results you will always get:

* Complete Clarity. A clear understanding of exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals.
* Success Blueprints. Detailed plans showing the exact steps you need to take and in what order.
* Business Know-How. Proven marketing and business growth strategies that really work.
* Powerful Resources. People, tools and systems to make your life so much easier.
* Dedicated Support. Mentors who will inspire, motivate, educate and guide you at every stage.
* Outstanding Results. Increased reach, leads, sales and profits, fast-tracking your growth.

How We Can Help

* Training – everything you need to know to make your business grow.
* Mentoring – supporting, educating and nurturing you and your business.
* Consultancy – helping you to unlock your potential and achieve your goals.
* Support – providing you with far more than just ‘done for you’ services.

Find out how Creating Results can help you to grow your business by calling us on 01452 234090 or drop us a line at


I arranged for Steph to come to our office to deliver a social media strategy course. As we want to start using social media as a marketing tool within our business. The course was great, extremely informative and useful. We have taken a number of points on board and are increasing our followers daily.
Steph was brilliant! We couldn’t have asked for a better trainer! She took the time to answer our questions (no matter how silly they seemed) and delivered the whole day professionally, but with a friendly tone. Steph was/is also continuing her support, even after the course has finished.
We would definitely attend another course, should the need arise.

I first met Steph 6 months after I had launched my business at her Mince Pies Marketing Event. I had attended business courses before but the way Steph presented the course was a whole new experience. Not only is she warm and friendly but her courses are interesting and hands on. Steph keeps her course sizes small which enables her to help everyone in a language we all understand! Even when the course has ended you still receive support if you come across any problems.
After about a year of being in business I knew that I had to turn my ‘hobby’ into a business which would provide me with an income. I spoke to Steph and with her support and mentoring she is helping me achieve that. Steph has provided with me with information, ideas, support and I fully trust her advise. She helps you through the down times but will share the times when you really do want to celebrate an achievement however small. I am a member of the Gold Club and the whole team are inspirational and supportive of each other.
Steph has supported me whole heartily and I would highly recommend her, starting a new business can sometimes feel quite lonely but with the help, support and guidance of Steph she will certainly guide you on your journey.

We have done B&B for over 25 years, and as with all business, the changes in marketing, advertising and the scope for promoting any product has moved into realms orginally undreamt of. Stephanie has been extremely helpful and proactive in giving us advice and opportunities we would have felt overwhelming without her support.
She is a very positive, forward thinking person, offering new ideas, different approaches and support when your business needs to recognise a fresh angle, and the “latest” appears incomprehensible.

Genuinely the best money I have ever spent on not only my business but my own development. Stephanie at creating results has not only helped me sky rocket my business by mentoring and supporting me but has also given me the confidence boost needed to take that extra step. I recommend creating results to everyone I know who has their own business. The professionalism is second to none but also comes with a friendly mentor who genuinely cares .

I first attended one of Stephanie’s courses in April this year. I’d been in business for 18 months and although it was going OK, it wasn’t how I wanted it to be. During that morning, I realised that Steph really understood where I was and where I wanted to be. She was generous with her advice and I knew that she would be invaluable in helping me to succeed. I joined at Gold level of membership and have not regretted it for a moment. Steph is superb at really getting to the heart of issues and always has valuable advice to give. She helped me to recognise my strengths and experience and to re-brand my business. I’ve since attended many of her courses on different aspects of business and always have to schedule time after each in my diary to implement all the fantastic ideas she gives me! It doesn’t matter what business or trade you have, Steph has limitless ideas to help you.

Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of business, she is an extremely warm, kind and encouraging person and I truly believe that she gets as much out of our successes as we do! It goes without saying that I wholeheartedly recommend Steph if you want to grow your business. Get yourself booked on to her next session – you won’t regret it!

Creating results have allowed me to do just that…. create results!!! With the honesty and advice and encouragement given by Stephanie Thomas and the Raise Your Game Team, it has helped me to push my business forward. I know I still have a long way to go but to have the support of Stephanie and her team beside me, I know I will get there. I would recommend Creating Results to anyone, like us, who were ‘just ticking over’ but want more than that……You’ll be mad not to!!!

“I founded Bodytruth truth in 2013 and last year I found myself looking for help with growing my business. My daughter was starting pre-school and I wanted to spend more time doing what I love and build a business from it.

I first met Stephanie at her Mince Pies and Marketing event and it was a lovely opportunity to meet her. At that point I decided that working with her would provide me with everything I was looking for.

I get such valuable information and input into my business, Stephanie really knows what she’s talking about. I really can trust the information I get.

Working with Stephanie has opened up a whole new world that I did not know existed in business, I have spent years training in health but none of that training involved business training. I know that I have skills that I can offer to the world but until now I had no idea how to tell people I am here.

I am already seeing amazing results and I am feeling very excited and positive about the future.”

I attended a course on LinkedIn delivered by Stephanie. The course was designed to give us a better understanding of LinkedIn as a whole and how to use it as a professional business tool.
Suffice to say that I found it hugely beneficial in terms of gaining a deeper knowledge of the product. Stephanie specifically focussed on the user profile which, when all said and done, is our key to success. It’s amazing how better all our profiles look now we have been advised on how to do it properly! A number of our staff attended the course and we all felt that what we had learnt will be of enormous benefit when marketing ourselves and the company the LinkedIn community. I am already thinking of ways that I can encourage my clients to engage Stephanie in order for them to benefit too.

I have attended a fair few of Steph’s classes with Creating Results.
They are quite frankly fantastic!! You learn so much during the day/s; and the best part is Steph puts it into English for you, no computer jargon! She methodically goes through it at your own pace, you never feel rushed and she will always check that everyone has ‘got it’ before she moves on. Steph teaches with a very hands on approach, so your not just sat there trying to remember everything to take back with you, you actually do it as its being taught!
I really can’t recommend her enough! And her courses really do get results!! I now have lots of new clients just by putting into practise what Steph has taught!!
Thank you Steph!

Working with Steph and Creating Results has been the best business decision I’ve made.
I started working with her not having a long-term business plan and ‘winging it’! In the space of less than a year Steph has helped me change everything for the better with her expert knowledge and guidance. It has been a year of huge implementation and with Steph’s support and training, has transformed how I view my business and its future. She has helped me realise what I need to do to take my business to the next level and is supporting me every step of the way. That alone is invaluable.
I’ve also benefited hugely from attending many of her training courses (I’ve learnt SO much that I wasn’t even aware of!) and my 1:1 sessions with Steph and group support have enabled me to see exactly what I need to do – and with many fantastic ideas!
Steph has taken the time to understand me and how I work best, as well as my business, and genuinely cares. I can honestly say I don’t know what I would do without her! I didn’t know what I was capable of before I started working with Creating Results but it’s given me much more confidence and belief in my own abilities. Running a business can be lonely and isolating so to have continuing support, expert guidance and knowledge from someone who completely ‘gets it’ is just brilliant.
Highly, highly recommended.
Nicky Read. Founder of The Camomile Rooms and Nurture 4 Life.

I attended Steph’s LinkedIn Masterclass and was completely blown away by what I learned there. Steph went through everything step by step and ensured that everyone in the room was up to speed before moving on.
I genuinely felt that Steph wanted to help every single business in that room – she really wanted to share her wisdom to help us all grow our businesses. Steph is such a friendly, happy lady – it’s difficult not to love her!

I have attended quite a few of Steph’s Courses and all I can say is you just keep learning and the support is brilliant, even after a course. Group members are also there to encourage and support you and is a great team. Steph takes the time to not only get to know you, but your business inside out. I have so many great ideas to take forward in my business and learning how to market it and enjoy it even more. I got to a point where I didn’t know how to move forward and was introduced to Steph through a mutual friend, after that I just wanted to learn more. I highly recommend Creating Results to anyone who is starting out, needing to move forward or just wants to be more efficient in running their business, it doesn’t break the bank and you won’t regret it. Tanya.

I attended Stephanie’s LinkedIn Master Class and would recommend it to anyone who thinks LinkedIn is just a professional Facebook. My day with Stephanie was extremely informative and I learned how LinkedIn is a powerful (and free!) marketing tool for my business. A productive and enjoyable day.

I have attended a couple of Stephanie’s courses and they have both been so valuable.

I believe her success is down to the different approach she takes to training than most conventional courses that are out there. There are no boring lectures or long drawn out sessions which may or may not be relevant to you. Instead, all of her sessions are deliberately held in small groups. This means you get a really tailored course where the content is specific to your individual interests and requirements.

Through the interactive approach she takes it means that rather than listening to someone speak at you, you really get a hands on approach to understand how to use each social media platform. You have your laptops open on your social media page and she will physically guide you through how to use it offering tips and advice. How many courses do you go on with every good intention of going back to the office the next day to implement what you have learnt but get side tracked with the day to day job? In Stephanie’s training you do it all as you go!

I have already recommended Stephanie to several people and will continue to do so.

Tracy Armstrong, Marketing Manager, Quiss Technology, Tamworth

Well what can I Say about Stephanie Thomas and Creating Results? They can really help you to take your business to the next level.

For the past year, Stephanie has helped me so much from the ground up. She has helped me to create a stable foundation to work on within my business and help build me up brick by brick to help stabilise my growth.

I have gone from not really knowing what I’m doing, working on my own as a one man in a van window cleaner, to a business owner who now runs a thriving and established business.

I now employ two staff and that’s all in only one year. We have nearly double our turnover in that time and I can honestly say that I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now all the hard work is now starting to pay off.

Before I met Steph I was a slave to my own work, working hour after hour out on the road and then when I got home each evening the mound of admin I had to get through was astounding. I had no time with my young family and was struggling on my own, the stress was really hard.

Now after having regular one to one meetings with Steph and through the monthly mastermind groups it has really helped me to grow not only in my business but also helped me understand the whole picture.

I now know what I want from the business and with guidance from Steph I have a clear path and I’m heading in the right direction. I have now developed a great business and no longer say I’m just a window cleaner – now I am definitely a business owner!

If you are really struggling with your business and want it to flourish, If you want to see real results then Steph is the one to talk to. I have recommended Creating Results to friends who have also see great benefits and they are still existing clients of Steph and Creating Results, as am I.

Steph has got me hooked for life!

I cannot say in enough words how great Steph is in helping your business get to the next level. If you need help in your business and you’re struggling, Steph will help you in any way she can. She really cares about her clients… Creating Results rock!!

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