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Hoo House Nursery, Gloucester Road, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, GL20 7DA, UK.

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We are the only producers of Tewkesbury Mustard who make our Mustard in Tewkesbury. We are continuing a tradition that dates back before the 16th century. An artisan product that was famous throughout the land, mentioned in Shakespeare’s Henry IV and recommended in many old recipe books through-out history.

The Best Mustard in England – as described by Thomas Fuller’s Worthies of England 1662



What a fantastic mustard ! These guys really know their stuff, a very well presented beautifully made product, you really feel like your eating a little blob of history with this mustard, I mix mine up with a drop of good cider or real ale and it works a treat, I have always been a lover of strong mustards and I can honestly say this is finest I’ve had, brilliant.

I wasn’t a big fan of mustard except a bit of the American squirty bottle on my hotdogs. After getting a ball of mustard from the Tewkesbury Mustard Company I have been mixing it with different things such as vinegars, honey anything I can find in the cupboards. It has made meal times more exciting. I now look forward to all the different flavours brought out in the different meats / meals. Going to try it in a curry next. Great stuff & it’s fresh

Very happy with my order of Tewkesbury mustard. Ideal gifts!

My absolute favourite mustards, full of flavour. The ordering service online is really easy to use and delivery is always pretty quick. They’re great for presents for any foodie. Good work The Tewkesbury Mustard Co!

If you like mustard, you’ll love Tewkesbury Mustard, it’s quite probably the best in the World.

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