Start your own business or choose a franchise?

With the economic outlook in the UK property market sector looking strong and showing expansion set to continue in 2015, confidence can be placed in the profitable Sales and Lettings market to continue to reap rewards. With political uncertainty of this year, however; business confidence has been impacted, and this can make choosing your direction in starting a Sales and Lettings business a challenging decision.

Buying a franchise Vs start your own business

‘’As many first-time business owners find out, there is a high failure rate for independent, non-franchise businesses. Franchising provides a proven system and the support of a much larger organization. If you are first-time business owner the benefits of buying a franchise are even greater. Some of the advantages of buying a franchise over starting an independent company include instant brand awareness and credibility, administrative and/or technical support, franchisor-provided training, quicker return on investment, strong management, and a network of other franchisees and associations dedicated to supporting franchisees.

As an independent business owner you have to contend with franchise heavyweights that have a lot more resources for advertising and marketing, as well as ready-made brand recognition. Starting out you may have few time and monetary resources for getting your name out. If you are starting a new business you may be putting all of your energy into operations. Who will drive the sales campaign? Who will find, qualify and bring in the customers? While there is more creative autonomy in an independent business your chances are much higher as a franchisee of making it in cut-throat markets.’’ By AllBusiness Editors | In: Financing & Credit

Starting your own Lettings and Sales Business

Starting your own Lettings and Sales business from scratch is an exciting concept but equally an uncertain one. Building it for yourself means lots of hard work with research into creating a solid business plan, investing your money into valuable resources and building your company reputation and trust. These challenges realistically signify a road of endeavour which can be longer than expected, but eventually the risks can reap massive rewards. Having full responsibility over your own company means you make the choices and have as much control over your destiny as possible, but the chance of business longevity for start-ups is relatively slim compared to franchising, where the chance of success is much higher.

‘’Setting up in business alone can be a daunting prospect. Where do you begin, how will you establish your brand, what are you chances of success? What happens when you encounter a glitch in your business plan?

Investing in a franchise business provides the answer to all of these issues. For would-be entrepreneurs, franchising is becoming an increasingly popular way of setting up their own business under the banner of a tried and trusted brand name.’’By Manjit Verdi:

Investing into a Lettings and Sales franchise

Choosing to invest into a Lettings and Sales franchise is essentially making a deal to be in control of your business under the guidance and help from an established and experienced company. You will be provided with help and advice with choosing the best franchise option for you, whilst being equipped with the knowledge and tools you need to cut out the tediousness of certain business tasks. This seems like the smart option if you desire ample time to focus on building your business, whilst still maintaining the lifestyle you desire to keep you happy. For information on franchise options for you today, visit or contact 01452 313 313 to speak to an industry professional who will give you advice and guidance on the next steps you should take.


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