Success is rooted in your character

Success rooted in your character

We all know the adage that people buy people, rather than brands, but if you want to know how to grow your business, you first have to nurture and develop your own character.

The truth of this statement is self-evident (after it’s been explained to you) but it is shown most ably in Stephen R Covey’s image here, and using a tree as an analogy.

The root that feeds your business has to be well developed to draw in the nutrients of your business, and give your business its firm foundations.  These roots are your character – your honesty, faithfulness, truth, compassion and so on – if any of the virtues are lacking, then eventually this weakness in you will weaken your business.

compitenceFrom a strong root comes a sturdy trunk that supports your business – this is your intent. If your intent is to be dishonest, sly, indiscreet then it is the same as having a gnarled, twisted and spindly tree trunk and it will not support a strong business.

But your character is not a given or an inalienable consequence of your past or present – to allow your business to grow and develop into a bigger enterprise, you need the roots and trunk – your personal character and intent – to grow and flourish as well and this requires constant re-evaluation and growth of your personality.

So with a strong foundation, and honest and trustworthy intent, you can now allow and encourage your capabilities to grow.  These are the services that you offer – the visible deliverables within your business, but remember, just as a tree that is growing a bigger canopy of branches requires a stronger trunk and root, so you will need to maintain a vigil and develop your character and intention.

And from this ever growing and flourishing business, you will reap bigger and bigger rewards.

So what should you do now?  Firstly, re-examine your character and yes, you can always change and grow.  As a business mentor to my clients I always encourage a constant learning process – there is much we can learn from others, whether that is Richard J Covey’s excellent “Speed of Trust” book or from a mentor.  If you would like more information, feel free to contact me.

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By: Mark Barrett
Mark Barrett is the Senior Consultant and Strategy advisor at RiverView Portfolio – a firm of accountants that help to drive your business performance – not just measure it. After many years working with PLC’s around the world, solving their business problems and helping to drive business performance, he formed RiverView Portfolio to bring that same expertise to the small and medium sized businesses throughout Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. Mark brings to our publication his expertise of improving business performance through developing the skills of the business as a whole and those who manage and run the business. With particular focus on strategy improvement that delivers real results for all stakeholders who depend on the business (customers, suppliers, workers, community and the owners of the business), Mark will be sharing his years of successful experience

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