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My first blog post for the Cotswold Directory is all about those little gems of advice your Mums, Grandmas, Nans, Aunties and friends have passed on to you through the generations! Some may be old wives tales, but some really do work. Here’s a collection of gems I collected from clients of mine. Take a read, learn something new and pass on the tips!

 “My Nan always told me, if I have any leftover moisturiser when applying to my face, work it in to my elbows. It stops them getting dry and cracked and minimizes wastage too!“

What a great idea! There is nothing worse than hard skin on elbows, it feels and looks horrible. Amazing how something that would take 30 seconds could be so useful.

“Mum always swore by keeping it simple. Light make-up, cleanse and moisturise every day and the rest will fall into place”

Keeping it simple with targeted products to YOUR skin type is a guaranteed winner. Read up on reviews before buying products, other opinions are a great way to understand what you may or may not like! Cleanse with a proper cleanser (none of those pesky cleansing wipes!), follow with your preferred moisturiser and you are good to go. Looking for a light makeup? Try a BB cream, they are a good overall bet for coverage with lightness. Don’t for get to look for makeup that is no comdenogenic (it won’t block your pores).

“If you have a spot you need to get rid of quickly – try sudocream! It’s cheap, effective antiseptic. Helps to heal quickly and take down redness.”

Sudocream is great at those larger angry spots, and when you are in need of a quick fix. Use it on spots and chapped lips! Pop on at night, wash off excess in the morning. Really is one of the quickest, easiest options for blemishes. Be sure not to put it all over though, it can irritate if used on areas that don’t need it.

“Sugar and olive oil makes the worlds quickest hand scrub. Scrub weekly, follow with a decent moisturiser and your hands will be looked after forever”

This couldn’t be better advice! A hand scrub will remove excess dead skin cells and keep the circulation going in the hands making them feel soft and look beautiful. Do scrub your hands before heading up to bed, apply your favourite moisturiser, then put on a pair of cotton gloves over night for super smooth hands in the morning.

“Use sunscreen, always.”

100% in agreement with this one. UVA rays damage the skins support structure, making it sag and unable to regenerate. UVB rays cause burning to the skin. Over exposure of both together can cause serious harm and even skin cancer. Wearing a SPF (sun protection factor) with a 5* UVA&UVB rating can protect your skin against the harmful, invisible rays.

Have any more tips your Mother passed down for you? Leave them in the comments below!

By: Kerry
I'm Kerry - and I own Tonic, a beauty salon in Cheltenham. My passion for all things beauty started at least 15 years ago! I've worked for large cosmetic brands, am beauty therapist trained and now run my own salon. My bathroom resembles a beauty hall crossed with a whole foods store - I just love trying natural remedies & all types of cosmetic products and treatments. This blog is all about exploring my passion for skincare, beauty and holistic treatments. I love to keep up to date with exciting new developments across the "beauty" world, and like to try out new and exciting ideas in an attempt to bust some myths about the beauty world and find out what really works. Happy reading!

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