Where do you go to find a voice over artist to record your marketing materials and how much should you pay?

Voice-over artists can be found in a variety of ways; through their own websites, through good old-fashioned agents or through online sites known to voiceover artists as pay2play sites. This is because they have to pay to be on the site.

If you can make direct contact through the artist’s own website this makes negotiating a price and any changes to the voiced work easier because you can communicate directly rather than through a third party.Agents off line charge commission and work with a small stable of voices; the online ones charge too of coursealthough they tend to list a huge number of voices.

Good online agencies include The Voice Realm http://www.thevoicerealm.co.uk and Voices Pro http://www.voicespro.com/uk. These agencies list genuinely professional voices while charging the client a reasonable amount. If you are looking for a voice that can get its tongue around foreign pronunciations try http://www.bodalgo.com.

You can expect a free audition from either a voice you pick out or from literally dozens depending on what you ask for. The free audition work is great for the client – awful for the voiceover artist.

If you go through the voice agencies expect to pay around £70-£120 for a telephone answering message, between £80-£150 for material lasting up to five minutes and between £100 – £250 for short radio ads. It can cost (much) more depending on the requirements.

The artist is likely to be recording this material in their home studios. Some are much better at doing this than others because it is one thing to be a delicious voice, quite another to know how to audio edit and produce a sound ready for broadcast. My advice – do a bit of homework and make sure you are hiring someone with an impressive portfolio of work plus evidence of audio expertise.

By: Serena Gay
I am voice over artist specialising in anything from news bulletins to government information films, from art gallery audio tours to telephone answering messages. Audio books too. My background is in radio and TV journalism in this country and abroad. I record from my own studio and find myself voicing a bewildering variety of material I also have some PR and marketing expertise which I use to help promote my husband's wine-tasting school. I have years of experience teaching people how to speak for broadcast and more recently, I have been coaching people on public speaking skills. I will be sharing all of this knowledge with you along with many other exciting articles which we can hopefully all learn from. Please feel free to head to my website - VoiceOverSerena.com

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